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Cook County Sheriff's Office

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1401 S. Maybrook Drive, Maywood, IL 60153

(708) 865-7333

Services include: Free emergency 9-1-1 cell phones as well as crime prevention and senior citizen safety information


What does your agency enjoy most about participating in our Annual Health & Wellness Expo?

Talking to the attendees, one on one, about their personal experiences with phone scams and other frauds they face each day.

What is a health/wellness tip you would provide to participants related to your agency?

Many of the scams that seniors already know about; the grandparent scam, ruse burglaries and imposter scams, now have a “COVID-19 twist“. The criminals are taking advantage of everyone's concern about the current worldwide pandemic. 

In one recent scam, the criminals used fear of the virus to gain access to a senior's home to “check the water for COVID-19.“ 

While inside the home, the "water tester" distracted the home owner, while their partner in crime stole valuables from a bedroom.  Scammers are also reaching out over the phone, through texts and via emails, offering quick, easy and inexpensive medications and testing kits for COVID-19. In this situation the criminals will ask the victim to provide their personal information, by giving a stranger your name, address, date of birth, social security number, medicare number, you are opening yourself up to identity theft. 

How can virtual participants get more information about your agency?

The best way to reach the cook county sheriff's senior citizen service office is to call (708) 865-7333

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